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Geocentricity is a comprehensive book which describes the Biblical, historical and scientific evidences for and against the ancient belief that the earth is fixed at the center of the universe. The modern scientific name for that belief is Mach's principle, which, when integrated with the Biblical perspective, is called geocentricity.

A major feature of Geocentricity is the collection from around the world of stories of a long day, long night, and even a long sunset. In the West, this event is known as "Joshua's long day." Several secular accounts of Hezekiah's sign are also presented. The scientific challenges hurled at geocentrists are examined in as non-technical a manner as possible. (Those desiring a technical treatise may wish to see The Geocentric Papers, which is also available from the Biblical Astronomer.)

Geocentricity has a full-color cover and high quality type and paper. It has 30 chapters, 400 pages, and 45 figures, and exhaustive Scripture and general indexes.

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