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How to Run QuickVerse when Windows says No!

Start Notepad ( found under Start --> Programs --> Accessories, or if you find wordpad there, that is even better) and type in the following lines of text:
@echo Type "qvwin" to start Quick Verse
@echo off

command x
Note: under Windows-2000 change "command" to "cmd" in the last line above. Save the file in the QV folder under a name like q.bat, making certain that notepad does not append a .txt extension. If it does, use Windows' File Explorer (found under Accessories in the Programs entry of the Start button, (N.B. this is not Internet Explorer!) and browse to the QV folder and rename q.bat.txt to q.bat.

Using File Explorer, right-click q.bat and create a shortcut. Drag it onto your desktop. When you want to use an old version of QuickVerse, double-click the icon. Doing so will start a DOS window. At the command prompt in the window, where the cursor is, type

To close the DOS box after closing QuickVerse, click anywhere in the box and type
Note, if you are running more than 256 colors on the screen, the screen colors may look a little sick while running Quickverse and maybe even after you exit. If it bothers you, log off and then logon again or restart Windows. If QV tells you there is no room on the disk you are probably near a 4-GB boundary. Wait a day or two, or clear off some disk space, or download a large picture file. You can delete the file later without ill effect.

The thing is that a lot of old programs that are said to no longer run under the newer versions of Windows will still work. I routinely use Norton File Manager because it is infinitely more versatile in day-to-day tasks than is File Explorer. It, too, will report a full disk near a 4-gigabyte boundary. It is so regular that I can tell when it will happen. The reason MicroSoft does not let them run is that the company, understandably, does not want to spend much of their support time explaining details and tricks such as this. Indeed, I hope they never find out about this trick or they may slam the door on it in a later version of Windows.

Well, we hope that we have given new life to your old version of QuickVerse for Windows, and have perhaps rescued your hard-worked for notes.