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Downloadable Projects

The ABA Software Disk

Issues 62, 67 and 68 presented programs that computed the date of Easter for any Gregorian year, corrected published carbon-14 dates for the effect of the decay of the earth's magnetic field, which is usually ignored, and computed some astronomical data such as the mean longitude of the sun, the number of days elapsed since the new moon, the first days of spring, summer, fall, and winter that years, and the day of the week, for any given day. These programs have been placed in the public domain, though donations to their author is greatly appreciated.

QuickVerse Programs

For years we have used Parsons Technology's QuickVerse Bible program. We found that it reached its most useful form with version 4.0. After that its functionality as an actual Bible study program instantly ceased. Here are some tools for any die-hard QVWIN users who would like to convert their notes or even run the program on the newer Windows platforms.