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                   THE BIBLICAL ASTRONOMER
                      SOFTWARE DISKETTE

WINDOWS SETUP.EXE---------------------------------------
Running this program will create a folder called ABA and 
place it where you desire. It will then copy all the 
files identified below to your hard drive.  It will 
also setup a Program Group titled, ABA, to the Window's 
Program Manager and setup 3 Program Items named, C14,
Calendar and Easter.

It will not add ABA to the path, so you must do that 
yourself in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file should you desire.

C14.ICO       Windows icon for the Carbon-14 program 
C14.EXE       DOS version of the Carbon-14 program
C14.C         C Source code for the DOS Carbon-14 program
C14WIN.C      C Source code for the Windows Carbon-14 program
C14WIN.EXE    Windows version of the Carbon-14 program
CALENDAR.ICO  Windows icon for the Calendar program
CALENDAR.BAS  BASIC code for the Calendar program
CALENDAR.EXE  Calendar Program (Windows and DOS)
EASTER.BAS    BASIC code for the Easter date program
EASTER.ICO    Windows icon for the Easter date program
EASTER.EXE    Easter date program (Windows and DOS)
README1.TXT   The file which you are reading

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION--------------------------

The Biblical Astronomer
4527 Wetzel Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44109

E-mail: gbouw@bw.edu
URL: http://www.geocentricity.com