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Houston, Texas
16-18 July 2007

The Third International Conference on Absolutes, held from Monday, 16 July through Wednesday, 18 July at The Woodlands, Texas is now history.

The venue was the Hilton Garden Inn, and the organizers and attendees extend their gratitude to the gracious staff of the hotel for their hospitality and assistance throughout the proceedings.

Speakers: Seven men spoke at the Conference. Their topics are listed below and, as material is cleared, their names will link to PowerPoint or other source material posted on this site. The speakers were:

Russell Arndts, Ph.D.
    "Einstein's Procedural Definitions and
    the Hafele and Keating experiment."
Prof. Gerardus Bouw, Ph.D.
Prof. James Hanson, M.S.
Martin Selbrede
Prof. Thomas Strouse, Ph.D., TH.D.
J. Timothy Unruh
    On Tektites
Frank Wolff, Ph.D.