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Question: How do I respond to the people who naively state "We all worship the same God"?


  1. If your god and my God are the same, why does your god say mine is wrong, and my God says yours is wrong? Does that sound like the same god?
  2. Since both our gods agree, what makes you think you're smarter than both of them? There isn't a god in the world who "teaches" that.
  3. Why do you insist that I am wrong when it is not I who claims so but my God who claims so? Is it that you know in your heart that yours is mere opinion, so you dismiss mine as the same?
  4. If we worship the same God, why does yours teach that you should persecute and kill unbelievers unless they convert? Consider that mine teaches that we should love our enemies, do good to them, and not kill them.
  5. Why does your god need you to do his killing for him? My God says I am not to kill for him; if he wants anyone dead, he will do it himself.
  6. If you believe that there are no evil or lying spirits, how come your spirit says there are no lying (or evil) spirits, while the Spirit of my God says that they exist. One of them has to be lying.