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          At last, the Summer issue of the Biblical Astronomer.  What happened to the Spring issue?  Well, the Spring issue’s cover was mislabeled “Winter,” that’s what happened.  As usual over the last year or so, this issue is late.  The Fall issue, due out in October, will hopefully be done in time. 

          In this issue we begin our Conference coverage.  We start with an overview of the Conference and follow with two introductory papers that were not presented at the conference but will provide background to your editor’s paper which was presented at the conference.  Few of the presenters were prepared to have publishable papers but their transparencies and PowerPoint presentations will be available on the web site within the next few months. 

          In addition to the Conference coverage we include a short piece by Dr. Robert Sungenis, the Roman Catholic co-author of Galileo Was Wrong.  He has been working on the second volume, entitled Galileo Was Wrong: the Church was Right; and in the course of researching it, he came upon the information covered in the article.  We also reprint a short letter of geocentric import that was written by Amnon Goldberg, D.D.S., to the editor of New Scientist. 



Regarding the recent discovery of dinosaur flesh with a measurable amount of Carbon-14:

          [Let’s] put some (quick and dirty) numbers on the situation.  The half-life of carbon-14 is 5730 years.  The dinosaurs became extinct ~65 million years ago.  Therefore any carbon-14 has been through 11343 half-lives so there is 1/(211343) of the original carbon 14 atoms; or to put it another way one out of every 3.8E103414 (i.e. a number over three thousand digits long) original carbon-14 atoms would remain. This means that even if the T-Rex was made of nothing but carbon-14 much less than one atom would remain.



Stress is when your gut says, “No way” and your mouth says, “Sure, no problem.”



Cursed be the love for whose sake the Bible must be put to the stake. 

—Martin Luther