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          The Third International Conference on Absolutes is tentatively planned for the third full week of July 2007.  It will be held in the Houston, Texas area and will last about three days.

          The primary goal of this conference is reach consensus on the definition and scope of geocentricity.  To that end, we will be presenting papers on geocentricity, but other Bible and astronomy topics are fair game.  To this end, we hope to attract as many people as we can from around the world.  It would be nice if we could raise enough money to bring participants in from around the world, but that is probably too lofty a goal. 

          We request that those who would like to present a paper prepare and send us an abstract by mid-January.  For papers to be printed in the Proceedings, we need the finished paper by June 15, 2007.  Windows Word or rich text field (.rtf) documents may be submitted by email to bibastron@yahoo.com.  Paper document may be submitted by postal service to:



4527 Wetzel Ave.,

Cleveland, OH 44109



          We welcome all readers who would like to attend.  The registration fee has yet to be determined, as have housing facilities.  Remember, too, that Houston is hot in the summer time.  We are planning a tour of the NASA’s Houston facility, which may have an extra charge.  By the time the next issue comes out, in January, Lord willing, we shall have full details available.  In the meantime, please mark you calendars and plan to attend.