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A CD review by Gerardus D. Bouw, Ph.D.


           This is a review of the CD, Galileo was Wrong: The Scientific, Scriptural, Ecclesiastical and Patristic Evidence for Geocentrism, Volume 1, “Scientific Evidence,” (Catholic Apologetics International Publishing, Box 278, State Line, PA 17263), by Robert A. Sungenis, Ph.D. and Robert J. Bennett, Ph.D.  The book, which is a PDF file, runs 1147 pages including a bibliography, 9 appendices, and almost 1400 footnotes.  The book contains 12 chapters entitled


1.        The Real Galileo and the Truth about Copernicanism

2.        Science and its problems

3.        Evidence of Geocentrism in the Cosmos

4.        Answering Common Objections

5.        Albert Einstein and the Interferometers: The Frightening Possibility of a Motionless Earth

6.        What Did Michelson-Morley Actually Demonstrate?

7.        What is Space?

8.        The Physical Cause of Gravity

9.        How Old and How Big is the Universe?

10.     Mathematical Models of a Geocentric Universe

11.     Hidegardian Geocentrism: Aristotelian Cosmology Meets Modern Science

12.     Technical and Summary Analysis of Geocentric Cosmology


The book is available only on CD, which contains the book as a PDF file.  It may be ordered from www.galileowaswrong.com for $23 plus $4 shipping in the USA and $7 elsewhere.  The CD is PC-based only.

          I admit it; so far I have only skimmed the book, reading selective portions of it, but I have read enough to know that these two gentlemen have done a stupendous work.  I can only allocate two pages for this review, so there is no way I can do it justice.  Its honesty, depth, perspectives, and insights have convinced me that I have to print out a hard copy.  Sungeness even proposes a new theory for gravity on page 513: “[T]he less dense ether inside the atom will attempt to draw in the denser ether outside the atom….  The vacuum force will continue until equilibrium is reached, but, in fact, equilibrium is never reached…”[1] 

The waters above the firmament are treated in chapter 11 from the perspective of the 11th century mystic, Hildegard von Bingen’s six-layer cosmos.  Protestants and sola scriptura types may blanche at this kind of treatment, but it is based on bringing an Aristotelian perspective to bear on the creation psalm, Psalm 104:1-6.  The treatment is nowhere near as far-fetched as some of the canopy theories.  The authors apparently prefer Aristotelian philosophy over the modern Platonic philosophy.  I would, too, if those were the only two choices.  This is the place where plasma physics, water, the creation week, and rotation of the firmament are covered, and it is the chapter most heavily laced with scripture verses. 

The last chapter, written by Dr. Bennett, analyzes the various proofs and disproofs of geocentricity.  These are described in detail, with all the equations necessary for scientists to understand them, and are subsequently summarized in tables.  To do this, the authors have divided them into three sections:


1.        Does the Earth Rotate?

2.        Does the Earth Revolve Around the Sun?

3.        Does the Solar System Move Through Space?


Finally, the appendices are these:


1.        Anomalies concerning the speed of light

2.        The stars and the speed of light in Genesis 1.

3.        The origin of the equation E = mc 2

4.        Do the 1919 eclipse photographs prove General Relativity?

5.        Does Mercury’s residual perihelion prove General Relativity?

6.        Does the Hafele-Keating experiment prove General Relativity?

7.        Do global positioning satellites prove General Relativity?

8.        The De Broglie wavelength

9.        The personal lives of Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Einstein.


The animations on the CD are excellent.  They demonstrate the yearly and daily motions of the modified Tychonic model, the seasons, retrograde motion, and parallax in a comparative way.  The illustrations are in the form of executable files, which makes it hard to browse them.  The authors have done an admirable job all around.  For the scientific and historic aspects of geocentricity, this book has no equal.  Very highly recommended.

[1] An aside to the handful of readers who will understand this: If one views the firmament’s temperature (1032K) as black-body radiation, the B-B curve peaks at a wavelength equal to the size of a proton, meaning it is probably the fundamental nuclear particle.