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          It was issue number 38, in September of 1984, that marked the first issue of The Bulletin of the Tychonian Society of which yours truly was the editor.  That was twenty years ago.  The previous editor, Walter van der Kamp, started the modern geocentric movement in 1967.  It has been an adventurous 37 years for that movement.  There were ups and downs, of course; especially in the first few years of each of our editorships, but we weathered the storms and the publication, now called The Biblical Astronomer, is still around.  And it is still the only Creationist publication devoted entirely to astronomy and its subordinate sciences.

          “Subordinate sciences?” you ask.  “Isn’t astronomy a branch of physics?”  Not unless you are a physicist.  Historically, astronomy existed before physics.  Modern physics came out of astronomy as certainly as modern evolution came out of mythology.  From a scriptural perspective, astronomy is the oldest of the sciences, dating back to the creation week.  But we shall argue the point no further. 

          All that was to introduce the revised and greatly expanded version of the geocentricity.com web site.  The site has been reorganized so that anything about the Tychonian Society and the Association for Biblical Astronomy is all under one link.  That includes biographies, projects, such as the Orrery development, expeditions, software, and translations undertaken by the organization.  Articles and copies of past issues of the Bulletin of the Tychonian Society and The Biblical Astronomer are under the “Biblical Astronomer” link, while things pertaining to geocentricity as a subject are under the “Geocentricity” link, and so forth.  The shopping web page has been renamed to the “Tycho Brahe Shop,” and visitors have the option of ordering books and videos or just reading about the astronomer Tycho Brahe.  There is more coming to the web site over the next several months. 


Travel notes


          Dr. Bouw will travel in March, May, and July.  The biggest expedition will involve speaking engagements in the Philippines, New Zealand, and the United Arab Emirates in late April through May.  European engagements are possible but not yet settled.


In this issue


          In this issue we continue our look at the witness of the stars, examining the constellations of the Big and Little Bears.  Things are not always what they seem to be, we learn.  We also present another article by Dr. Strouse, this time about Yahweh, a topic we have touched on before.  Dr. Strouse definitely shows that Yahweh is a modern invention (i.e., about 250 years old).  That article is followed by a look at comets.  Though not directly related to geocentricity, comets provide some key evidences pointing to a recent, that is, 6000-year old creation. 


Three new books


          Herewith I would also like to refer to two books that may be of interest to the reader.  The first book reads like a murder mystery, and, indeed, that is its intent.  The title of the book is Heavenly Intrigue, and it was written by a husband and wife pair, Joshua and Anne-Lee Gilder.  (2004, Doubleday, ISBN 0-385-50844-1, about $25).  The Gilders make a convincing case for the charge that Tycho Brahe was murdered, and they show that the only man with motive and opportunity was Johannes Kepler.  Personally, I found it convincing; but would it hold up in a court of law?  With all the witnesses dead, probably not; but the evidence is as strong as the charge that the Arctic explorer Frazier was murdered by arsenic poisoning, and it is certainly stronger than that Johansson’s Lucy fossil walked upright. 

          The other book is a recent exposé of Relativity by statistician Hans Zweig, Ph.D.  Entitled Relativity Unraveled, Dr. Zweig raises some interesting, common-sense objections using the analogy of a train traveling past an observer on the ground, and an observer on the train.  I hope, D.V., to have more about that in a future article.  The ISBN is 3-9807378-4-5; cost is either $13 or $20 depending on where you buy it.  See http://www.aquestionoftime.com/book.htm for more.  Dr. Zweig concludes that the redshift gives a size for the cosmos that is too large; that the universe is 40% the currently-estimated size.  I have not yet had time to analyze the claim.  

          The third book is entitled The Bible and Geocentricity by James Hanson.  It is in proof right now, but will shortly be available.  The web site will give other information such as pricing when it becomes available.  Otherwise, the Spring issue of the Biblical Astronomer will give further information.  The price is expected to be about $10.