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Biblical Astronomer No. 103

Winter 2003

The following files are all Adobe PDF files.

The entire issue


Explanation of the Empirical Terms of motion of the Moon
by Assuming Gravitational Extinction in the Earth's Interior

by C. F. Bottlinger.
(Translated from German, 1912, Astronomische Nachrichten). (33K)

LeSagean Gravity Attenuation and Lunar Eclipses
by Prof. James N. Hanson. (79K)

ICR Skirts Geocentricity Again
by Gerardus D. Bouw, Ph.D.
Comments on Willson's December 2002 Impact article about
Fibonacci patterns in planetary distances. (85K)

Seiss' preface to the Gospel in the stars
by Joseph A. Seiss, D.D.
A defence of the idea that the constellations, and more particularly
star names, are part and parcel of their creation to be for signs.

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