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After a delay of about a month and a half, this issue finally goes to press. In it we have a new writer contributing directly to the Biblical Astronomer for the first time. Mr. David Lifschultz is by no means new to the geocentric scene. He's been a dedicated worker not only on the geocentric and creationist front but also on Bible-based economics, government, national and personal righteousness just to name a few. His article which graces this issue under the title of "Spatial Measurement and Modern Science" reopens the debate on the size of the universe. Several years ago that debate blistered the pages of this journal and I imposed a one-year moratorium on any further debate to allow cooler heads to prevail. This is the first occasion anyone has offered at it since the year ended.

Mr. Lifschultz's article came about as the result of an exchange of letters with a prominent creationist, who has asked to remain anonymous. The initial issue was geocentricity but in the course of the exchange the size of the universe came up, with the creationist arguing that the universe was infinite. Mr. Lifschultz immediately saw the flaws in that and , well you can read the rest of it for yourselves.

Additional articles by others are forthcoming. I will not put my two-cents worth in this issue other than to say I still disagree with the arguments that the universe has to be small. I am reminded of the logical consequence of Fourier's mathematical conclusion that all functions can be contrived as the sum of a series of periodic functions, which consequence is that given enough cyclical arguments, one can always fit any theory. In forthcoming articles we shall look at the Biblical as well as logical structure of the arguments.

If anyone is looking for the continuation of the article on entropy and economics, he will have to wait at least another issue. Although the equations and graphs have been ready for more than 20 years, the words describing then are not and will take some time to reconstruct. Nevertheless, the conclusion stands that a totally controlled world system such as F. D. Roosevelt's, Clinton's, Kennedy's, and the George Bushes' "new secular order" (see the pyramid on the back of a United States one dollar bill) will collapse under its own weight destroying about a third of each subsystem in the process. The results show these leaders to adhere to nothing but dangerous, occult, superstitious dogma, as per Acts 17:22.

I have finally put together an article which was envisioned several years ago. From the first days of the space program, there have been men who claimed that the whole thing was a hoax. Lately several have made quite a bit of money, not to mention made a name for themselves by publishing colorful books with alleged proofs. The so-called proofs are examined here with a critical eye and found to be wanting. Want to see why? Read the article.

Finally, for most readers it is time to renew. Remember, you will receive no renewal notices. So do it now.


Quotable quote

And yet, the lowly fruit fly, which has been a mainstay of genetic experiments for more than sever decades and despite mutations has undergone some 2,500 generations in that time, has not shown the slightest inclination to display itself as a new species.

F. B. Jueneman, "The Origin of Intelligence"
Research and Development Magazine,
Feb. 1992, p. 43