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First of all, a hearty welcome to scores of new readers of the Biblical Astronomer. We trust that you'll find this quarterly a real blessing.

Now there is a simple rule of thumb for reading this magazine. First of all, the occasional articles with equations in them are a necessary evil. This is the only publication in the world dedicated to the topic of astronomy as regulated by the Bible. Given that, this is the only place where Biblical astronomers can publish their thoughts freely, without having to hide their true intentions under a veil of mystical buzzwords such as Mach's principle or Ptolemaic model, words which mean little to most people and even to most pagan scientists. So it is that this quarterly publication is a hodge-podge of articles ranging from the very technical to review and summary articles.

In this issue we have a review article entitled “A Brief Introduction to the History of Evolution.” It has no equations and can be read and understood by anyone who has a little knowledge of science. The article especially traces the little-known political trickery which led to the theory of evolution in the last century. On a slightly more technical level we have another in the series of articles contributed by the California amateur astronomer, J. Timothy Unruh. Mr. Unruh is, in my words, an architectural artist who is equally at home with words.

Then finally we have a truly technical paper, as bad as it gets. The paper entitled “The Waves of Sin” was promised several issues ago. True to form, such papers never seem to be finished, but at the urging of some I've presented it here in its unfinished form. The paper asks the question, ”Did God create into a universe a mechanism whereby the more lies, deceptions, and sin there is in the world, the more “natural” disasters increase. It finds that there probably is such a connection through entropy, the so-called second law of thermodynamics, a form of which is popularly known as “Murphy's Law.” This article is a crude sketch which is presented here so as to elicit discussion from the technically talented among our readership. The article is not intended to, indeed the mechanisms proposed cannot, measure sin or lies. It simply observes that there are consequences to breaking such natural laws as gravity, and seeks to find if there are any natural laws spelling the consequences of deceit in particular. The answer is “Yes, there does seem to be such a mechanism,” and that is all the paper does.
This paper is actually the second I wrote about the topic of entropy and human affairs. Twenty years ago I examined what would happen in a man-made, new-age type of one-world government. The equations foretell absolute disaster for the inhabitants of the earth, the environment, and food production, through disease, war, and famine. In short, it's a mathematical picture of the Revelation. Lord willing and should he tarry, the article will be published in the Biblical Astronomer in the near future.

Finally, in “Panorama” we have an update on the dust falling on the earth and moon from space, more on the water comet debate of the last decade, several more pieces of evidence against the fossil life on the ”Martian” rock of a couple of years ago, and a report on the ice at the poles of the moon. We also look at the reports by end-time prophets such as those encountered on the Prophecy Club who claim that the number of earthquakes have steady increased over the last century, and we find them telling something less than the truth. There are also a couple of notes of importance to the geocentric model. One is that the Sagnac effect, which demonstrates the rotation of the firmament about the earth, is coupled to the stars and not the sun. No surprise there. The other is that the Hubble constant, which supposedly demonstrates the expansion of the universe and manifests itself as the famous redshift, can just as well be due to the rotation of the universe within the firmament.

In this issue's “Readers Forum” we learn a bit more about the Bible Code which has so impressed the minds of many Bible believers in the last year or two. We also look at a summary of an e-mail exchange about whether or not astronauts from the moon can prove or disprove geocentricity.

Your editor has had a couple of speaking engagements over the last several months. We don't always report on them, but these both were truly blessings. In March I spoke for two days at the Merrimack Baptist Temple in Merrimack, New Hampshire. I can only hope that I was as much of a blessing to those people as they were to me. A few weeks later the state took over the church as well as the pastor's home. Pastor Paul Norwalt is an outspoken proponent of civil and church rights in the vein of the pioneering geocentrist Dick Elmendorf. Over the last year the states and the IRS have escalated their attacks on the Bible-believing righteousness preaching churches of the Lord Jesus Christ, so much so that the legal organizations founded to help protect the churches from government intrusion are swamped with cases.
In June I spoke twice at the 1998 Southeast King James Bible Conference which was held at the Midway Baptist Church in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. First I spoke on the Bible and science, ending with the role which the Copernican Revolution played in weakening the authority of the Holy Bible. The second presentation was taken from the last chapter of The Book of Bible Problems. In that session I spent the most time on identifying the generation of Matthew 1:1 and on the difference between the Holy Ghost and the holy Spirit, a difference which the churches have forgotton in the last hundred years.

Other speakers at the conference included Dr. Gail Riplinger, Dr. Bill Grady, Dr. Sam Gipp, James Knox, Stephen Coston, and Dr. Jewell Smith. The conference speakers clearly showed how the problems in the churches and world today have been made worse by the abandonment of the King James Bible as the final authority in all matters, and they proved over and over that the modern versions, particularly the NIV, NASV and the New King James Version are all satanic, occult books. The host pastor, Rev. Larry Phillips, closed the meeting with a most stirring summary of the state of this the Laodicean church age and how individual churches today have to turn to the Authorized Bible to solve their sin-sick needs. All participants learned a lot from each other, and the talents and areas of ministry of the speakers were as diverse as one could have. My thanks to Pastors Norwalt and Phillips and their congregations for their blessings, encouragement, and invitation. God bless you both in your respective stands for the word of God and for the faith of Jesus Christ.

Translated from WS2000 on 11 February 2005 by ws2html.