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Another busy summer. It seems that the times when I think I can get caught up, namely, summertime, should be less busy than other times. After all, I don't have to teach (although I am this year for the first time in four years), but nevertheless, other matters press to steal away the time. So it is that this issue is running a bit late.

This summer, as was the case for the last three, Gordon Bane sponsored a booth at the North American Christian Convention in Kansas City. For the occasion I crafted a Freelance slide show which illustrated the geocentric answers to some of the fundamental objections posed to geocentrists. Topics include the geostationary satellite, the Foucault pendulum, and the retrograde orbits of the outer planets. The project gave some useful insights into constructing animation sequences and computerized slide show illustrations. Lord willing, the animations will shortly be available on the Association's web site.

Speaking of web sites, our address (URL) has changed, including our electronic mail address. The Association's home page is now at:


and the email address is:


so please take note.


Geocentricity is back in print

Because of a constant demand we have reprinted Geocentricity. The price will remain the same, $18 plus postage and subject to a 20% discount for members.

Translated from WS2000 on 11 February 2005 by ws2html.