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ABA on the Internet
Note added in 2005: none of the links referred to below exist anymore.

As mentioned in the last issue's editorial pages, the Association for Biblical Astronomy has an internet home page. Presently there are several associated home pages. Your editor's home page is found under the unofficial home page of Baldwin-Wallace College. It's URL is http://www2.baldwinw.edu/~gbouw. This address offers a photo of yours truly, material about courses I'm teaching, and “hot links” to sites of astronomical, political, and educational interest. I try not to include too many “usual” sites, although some are mandatory.

The Association for Biblical Astronomy's home page is accessible by a hot link from my home page or it may be directly addressed at http://www2.baldwinw.edu/~gbouw/aba. Currently there are three documents available there. One is a treatise on whether or not the Bible teaches that the earth is flat, another is a brief description of the book, Geocentricity, and the third is a copy of the “Tulip” paper (see back cover) which shows the gospel in a tulip and which is also referred to in the “Killing Fields” article in this issue.

Finally, there is a page devoted entirely to geocentricity and it may be accessed via my home page, or via ABA's home page, or directly as http://www2.baldwinw.edu/~gbouw/g. Currently the only paper there is an “Introduction to the Firmament,” although it contains a link to the ABA paper, “Does the Bible Teach a Flat Earth?”

My main project this summer is to finish a book on problem texts in the Bible. In my spare time I will be adding additional documents to these various pages this summer. Although I wrote a program which converts my word processing files (WordStar 2000) to hypertext mark-up language, which is the language used in creating home pages and documents, equations are a real challenge. Also, there is much more demand for pictures and illustrations on the internet, even animation. Over time such will come, but for now progress is slow.

Translated from WS2000 on 14 February 2005 by ws2html.