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With this issue we present Harald Heinze's response to my article criticizing his small universe plasma model. I've also included my rebuttal, hoping to conclude the debate with it. I've left some questions unanswered which usually leaves me open to the charge that I left them unanswered because I couldn't respond to them. Rest assured that this is not the case. I've dealt with the hardest ones, including those which require more of an answer than time and space will here allow.

This past month there has been a hot debate about geocentricity on the Creation Research Society's Internet reflector. Because of the emotional outbursts of some, the topic has been declared off limits on the reflector. It's interesting how some will argue by spraying many random questions, which, if one were to try to respond, would be tremendously time consuming and would just result in another spray of questions. I've noticed that such people rarely read any detailed response. They thing that they will be believed by their flood of words. As a result, I will be mailing out quite a few copies of the firmament paper I presented in the Netherlands this summer, as well as copies of the Barbour and Bertotti paper.

My paper at the Sixth European Creationist Congress created quite a stir. Although the division was not as vitriolic as it was when Walter van der Kamp addressed that body several years ago, there were those who now felt confident enough to admit that there may be something to geocentricity, after all. Most people's reaction was: “I wouldn't like to be in his shoes.”

Finally, for the last few years I have been unable to send out renewal notices, so please beware:


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